15 World’s Most Expensive Houses

The Pinnacle is the largest property in the Yellowstone Club, the luxurious community exclusive to the super-rich! If you’re looking for the most expensive mountain side residence it doesn’t get better than the Pinnacle. Heated floors, fireplaces, your own ski elevator and staff standing by to.

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And they’re owned by some of the most famous, most successful and richest people on the planet. Are you ready for your jaw to drop as you explore some of the world’s most expensive real estate? Then join us as we count down the 15 most expensive homes in the world. Wait until you see number one! You absolutely won’t believe your eyes. 15.

But just which home is the most expensive house in the world; not as cut and dried as you would imagine. Read on. 10. Rybolovlev Estate – $95 Million. This house is the most expensive single family home in the country and, since it was owned by Donald Trump, it’s obviously the most expensive home ever fought over in a divorce case. The 33,000 square foot oceanfront mansion has become a key part of the proceedings since Trump’s ex-wife Elena Rybolovlev demanded jurisdiction due to.

When it comes to automobiles, the 1963 Ferrari GTO is the cream of the crop. The vintage Italian sports car was made more than 55 years ago, but it’s value has continued to increase with the passage of time. This is the most expensive car in the world. The red beauty was last sold to a high end and rare car collector living in the United Kingdom.

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Ambani’s 27-story, 400,000-square-foot skyscraper home Antilia named after a mythical island in the Atlantic, tops the Forbes list of the most expensive homes in the world. "The title of the most.

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Here are the world’s most expensive listings, from Switzerland to Monaco to the United States. 1 of – In Pictures: Most Expensive Properties. Rare Detached House on the Peak in Hong Kong.

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5 Most Expensive Houses in the World in 2019 Updated on 03/28/2019 by Philjake Speaking of most expensive residences, some people may think of the Billionaire Row (57th Street) in New York City, penthouses on supertall towers like One57 or Central Park Tower can cost nearly $100 million.