Diversity Is Not Our Strength

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"Diversity is our strength!" And so the multiculturalism cult was born. Acknowledging that our galaxy-exploring Western Republic probably has nothing to learn from people who yell at clouds to make rain is now a thought crime.

An uncomfortable one, apparently. U.S. Rep. Steve King, a conservative Republican from Iowa, tweeted the other day, “Diversity is not our strength.” Uh-oh. King then quoted Hungarian Prime Minister.

Here’s a new entry in the annals of Steve King. The Iowa Republican congressman known for his racially insensitive rhetoric tweeted on Friday that "diversity is not our strength." And.

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Our city worked hard in 2017 to promote inclusion and insure diversity played a role, not just in our quality of life, but in our global standing, our.

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Diversity is not our strength, and I mean that in racial and cultural terms. The reason why racial diversity is a bad thing is because of human tribalism. People prefer their own and have a prejudice against people who don’t look like them.

In Rotary, our diversity is our strength. This idea dates back to the earliest years of our organisation, when the classification system was first proposed. The idea behind it was simple: that a club with members who had a wide variety of backgrounds and abilities would.

You are wrong. The multicultural "experiment" was a resounding success. It was designed to do exactly what it di-, Balkinize the country. The biggest mistake that Conservatives and many Republicans make is that try not offend people by identifying liberal-progressive programs designed to undermine a unified society as some kind of misguided but fundamentally positive "experiment".

This debate specifically focuses in on the United States, but feel free to pull examples from other places if you find it useful. I will be arguing that racial diversity in the United States is not a strength and, by accepting this debate, you will be arguing that racial diversity is a strength in the united states. structure: Round 1 – Acceptance