Florida ranks high among states in lowering unemployment-

In Florida, the state unemployment rate is 3.7 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It ranks 20th (tied with Arkansas) among all states, ranked from the lowest to highest.

While the state rate declined from 5 to 4.45 percent, Louisiana’s combined average state and local sales tax rate remains the second highest in the nation at 9.46 percent, and its exceedingly complex and uncompetitive sales tax structure is still ranked worst in the nation on the sales tax component of the Index.

In addition to looking at some of the economic metrics that went into the ranking, we identified a symbol. New Mexico’s November unemployment rate of 6.8% was the highest among the states and DC..

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 · Studies show that Right to Work states also have lower unemployment due to their more business-friendly environment, Mix says: "Looking at the Bureau of Census data, and looking at the Bureau of Economic Analysis data, and then looking at some regional think-tanks and economic forecasting statistical aggregators, we find this data.

 · A new report asserts that states like Florida that have dramatically tightened eligibility for unemployment insurance are seeing the biggest drops in the jobless receiving any benefits at all. The.

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The Bay State had one of the highest percentages of "A" hospitals in the country, while there were no hospitals receiving.

The national unemployment rate has remained stubbornly high since the recession, but not all states are still feeling the jobs crisis.

 · Most states see more jobs, lower unemployment. California, Texas and Florida led the nation with the largest monthly increases in employment, gaining a total of 129,000 jobs among them. The same three also rank highest in job gains over the past 12 months — California is up by 336,600; Texas, 314,200; Florida, 211,500. Over the year,

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Florida ranks 2nd among U.S. states for fiscal stability and has the 9th best economy in the U.S. It’s also among the fastest-growing states.

Santa Rosa County unemployment rate of 5.2 percent ranks 52 out of 67 Florida counties, with only 15 counties in the state having a lower unemployment rate (not seasonally adjusted) for October 2014.

Florida was one of just 10 states with lower unemployment. and ranking third nationwide behind nevada (+3.8 percent) and Utah (+3 percent). Hey, Florida isn’t Alaska or New Mexico, right? Alaska.