Judicial Liens and Tax Liens

The internal revenue service filed tax liens four years ago against a local attorney who is running for state court judge in Gwinnett County, accusing him of owing more than $200,000 to the government.

In Eagle County, the district court’s caseload is up 98 percent since 2003, due mostly to civil cases, and not including tax liens and foreclosures, according to the state judicial branch..

Judicial liens are generally avoidable by a debtor in Chapter 7 bankruptcy, but statutory liens are not. See Section 522(f) and Section 545. However, it is not always clear when a lien is a statutory lien and when it may be a judicial lien. Below are some common statutory liens: tax liens attach to property for unpaid taxes by federal or state.

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judicial foreclosures of liens on real estate where the United States is a junior tax lien holder. primary emphasis will be placed upon foreclosures of deeds of.

Even if the court holds the tax sale was a “judicial sale,” then the Third Circuit’s decision in United States v. Capobianco mandates that the federal tax liens were discharged because the government.

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Contrast lien stripping to lien avoidance pursuant to 522(f). There, only judicial liens such as judgment liens can be avoided if the property would otherwise be exempt. tax liens. tax liens can be stripped off in reorganization proceedings (Chapters 11 and 13) to the extent that the lien does not attach to equity in property.

Tax Liens A tax lien is a non judicial lien involuntarily placed against the real property of a debtor and is the result of the non payment of annual property taxes and a final judgement does not need be entered. Tax liens are sold by the County Tax Collector and an annual auction is held for those parcels and properties residing within the.

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Search Florida Division of Corporations database of corporations, trademarks, limited partnerships, limited liability companies, fictitious names, judgment liens, and federal lien registrations by name, registered agent, trademark name, address or zip code.

Judgment Liens. The creditor records the lien in the county where you or the property resides and attaches the judgment as proof of the creditor’s entitlement to the lien. For more information about how creditors collect on debts, visit our area on Debt Collection: Repossessions, Wage Garnishments, Property Levies, and More.

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