Slow Motion Train Wrecks

 · Faustian Bargains and the 80 Year Slow Motion Train Wreck. I use the phrase Slow Motion Train Wreck, to describe the inexorable advance of time from the 1971 Spring day when I first heard Jerry Olsen talk about Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Anthropogenic Climate Change. 50% of the time we had to set things aright then has been lost.

Castro, who led the agency in President Obama’s last two and a half years in office, said Carson’s recent testimony before Congress was “like watching a slow-motion train wreck” and accused Carson of.

The ethnic cleansing of the Gaza is now under way. The habiru have been at this sort of thing whenever they have been in Palestine,whether 3500 B.B. or in our times. They also used a slow-motion approach and they still do.

Sales and Prices Up in Florida’s Housing Market  · The statewide existing-home median price was $242,500 last month, a 3 percent drop from one year ago, when the median price stood at $250,400. Florida’s Housing Market.

 · Italy’s Slow-Motion Euro Train Wreck. Jun 1, 2018 Nouriel Roubini, Brunello Rosa. Financial markets have finally woken up to the fact that Italy could soon be ruled by a populist government with designs to take the country out of the eurozone. And, given Italy’s tepid economic performance since adopting the single currency a generation ago.

"We appear to be in a slow-motion train wreck, with both sides sticking to their positions," said William Reinsch, a trade analyst at the Center for Strategic and International Studies and a.

Home Zero Hedge "A Slow-Motion Train-Wreck Is Still A Train-Wreck" Authored by Jeffrey Snider via Alhambra Investments, The European slump had been a combination of several transitory factors.

“It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion, over and over and over again,” one Hoosier Republican told me. For his part, Trump did his best to pretend everything was hunky-dory.

This video didn’t make me cringe, exactly. But I am unsettled, and deeply so. Something’s wrong here, and I don’t know exactly what. Maybe it’s like looking at the iTunes Beatles photo. You.

For many Americans, Afghanistan resembles a slow-motion train wreck-you could see the disaster coming from a mile away, yet you still find it hard to avert your eyes. Despite spending over $740.

Future USS Billings Celebrates Mast Stepping Ceremony Mast-Stepping Ceremony – The Spirit of Freedom – By MC3 Michael Botts. In keeping with ancient naval tradition, the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier uss george washington (cvn 73) conducted a mast-stepping ceremony March 15, this version of tradition marking a significant milestone in George Washington’s refueling complex overhaul (RCOH).

Last Friday, I discussed that without much fanfare or public discussion, Congress decided to push the U.S. into deeper fiscal irresponsibility with the passage of another Continuing Resolution (CR).