Trump Tells Pennsylvania Voters That Trade War Has Helped Economy

U.S. President Donald Trump, facing a potentially difficult path to winning a second term in Novembe

Trump tells Pennsylvania voters that trade war has helped economy.. crediting his trade stance with helping the U.S. economy.. Trump has waged a high-stakes trade dispute with China, and.

More in Campaign 2016 Trump has called on his supporters to act as “election observers” in certain areas of the country to help prevent fraud. That has stirred fears of voter intimidation..

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Most Americans think the economy is flying high, and most aren’t giving president trump credit. Voters have. China trade war threatens Ex-Im reauthorization. Politico’s Zachary Warmbrodt: "The.

Although the Trump administration has secured $6 billion in funding over the next two years to help. escalating trade war that is estimated to cost Americans billions of dollars. According to a.

He raised the stakes again Friday, saying he has tariffs. political peril Trump faces if the trade war with China affects a larger swath of the economy. Pluralities of registered voters in Illinois.

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Trump says he'll hit Mexico with escalating tariffs starting next. John Cornyn (R- Texas) of the potential economic fallout that could hit. Congressional aides from both parties have even begun quietly discussing the possibility of voting. pitch for passage of the trade deal during a speech in Pennsylvania.

Trump has waged a high-stakes trade dispute with China, and tariffs imposed by both countries on a range of goods have raised fears of a global economic slowdown. Trump last year also imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum. He claims that the move saved and created jobs at U.S. mills as well as spurred investment such as by U.S. Steel in Pennsylvania.

Trump tells Fox News his tariffs have caused firms to leave China.. Why it matters: The trade war has been crippling for U.S. farmers. Sen. pat toomey (R- Pa.). become president, "China would have been a much bigger economy than us. bills passed in the House this year for a vote on the Senate floor.

U.S. President Donald Trump told his supporters in Pennsylvania that his high- stakes trade war with China had strengthened the state's steel.

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