What Are the Duties of a Collections Defense Lawyer?

Part of our role is to educate our clients on their options, and what to do in the future to. debt collection violations, deficiency defense and foreclosure defense.

Lawyers represent either the plaintiff-the party that’s filing or initiating a legal action-or the defendant, the party that’s being sued or charged. They advance their clients’ case through oral argument and written documents, and they counsel clients on how the facts of their particular case apply to the law.

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What a legal assistant job description Looks Like. Below is a sample job description for a Legal Assistant taken from Monster.com. It is a very general template for the legal assistant position. As I mentioned above, the legal assistant job description will greatly vary with the particular area of law involved.

Job Duties and Tasks for: "Lawyer". 6) Gather evidence to formulate defense or to initiate legal actions, by such means as interviewing clients and witnesses to ascertain the facts of a case. 7) Represent clients in court or before government agencies. 8) Examine legal data to determine advisability of defending or prosecuting lawsuit.

This Collection Specialist job description template is optimized for posting on online job boards or careers pages and easy to customize for your company.. Collection Specialist Responsibilities. include: monitoring accounts to identify overdue payments; Finding and contacting debtors to arrange debt payoffs

In this occasional series, Defense One presents a selection of commentaries and interviews conducted by the Brennan Center with officials from defense, homeland security, federal law enforcement..

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